Somewhat Isolated.


The restrictions imposed by our governments definitely brought with it a massive sense of relief in getting people to take this situation more seriously. Closing our borders was absolutely the best thing our leaders could have done. Mark McGowan has done a brilliant job with state and intrastate border closures here in WA, and I think it’s absolutely laughable to suggest that it is safe to reopen state borders.

作为一个重要的工人,我仍然在全部工作。如果我们不想在工作,我的雇主确实为我们提供了休假,虽然我从来没有真正觉得我无法上班。到目前为止,这是最好的事情一直在看到和与我的朋友在每天工作 - 从健康的1.5米的距离。

My day to day hasn’t changed all that much. Having that workday routine has meant that my diabetes management and blood sugars haven’t been significantly impacted by the situation at hand. I’ve only had to deal with issues related to cooler weather in recent weeks. Although, I would love to be able to find some of this free time that everyone seems to be realising!










我认为是什么使这一决定难以让我不打算将我的泵更新到Dexcom G6和基础IQ在可预见的未来。我使用Rebatteried Dexcom G5发送器,这不会是G6的选项。我真的让我真的让我感到沮丧,尽管在社区下的3,000次强大的典型典型中发出了明确的消息,但这种技术仍然会因许多人而无法实现。我挖掘......


感兴趣的唯一真正的选择是循环的。在夏天尝试之后,我承认它不适合我。此外,Dexcom G5不太可能永远存在,这对我来说是循环的时间限制。但这是另一个帖子的主题。

我不能说我有机会购买另一个Animas泵,但选择一个新的T:苗条是一个相对容易的决定。我对它非常满意,并没有特别倾向于切换到不同的东西。这是现代的,它很小,它并没有像我的animas这样做的那样疲劳。它完美地满足了我的需求。Dexcom G5对该系统来说是一个很棒的补充,即使我能够暂时接受它。

I wanted to upgrade my pump now, for a number of reasons. For starters, at the moment my health insurance covers me for a pump on an affordable bronze policy. I didn’t particularly want to be on an out of warranty pump right now if I could avoid it. Finally, I really wanted to get a new t:slim now, while they are still shipping with G5 integration.







This has felt like the longest semester of uni ever. Which isn’t logical, given that not a great deal has changed for me as a fully online student (except for being ignored even more than we were prior to campus shutdowns…).

Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent the better part of April powering through assignments, because I’m not the kind of person who does well at doing a little bit at a time. More logically, it’s probably due to how much has changed in the world around me over such a short space of time.

我曾经每周两次虔诚地制定两次变化 - 周日早上上午9点,周三下午4点。如今,我发现自己有意识地将它们放在床前我记得。或者,第二天早上。


我的传感器Dexcom公司将在边缘磨损。我知道我need to tape it down, but I don’t want to spare a moment to cut a patch from my Opsite Flexfix roll. Instead, I’m resorting to keeping my left arm away from the shower hose so that my sensor stays dry until I finally decide to tape it down.

I can’t say that I miss Summer. But I do miss the early mornings and light streaming in from behind the blinds at 6am. It’s incredibly hard to wake up in the dark. I do miss being able to sit outside in front of my laptop working through assignments in the evenings. Last night, I had to concede that I could no longer see my textbook properly by 5.30. Weekdays feel incredibly short.

I haven’t been great at organising my meals of late, either. It’s been leftovers to the rescue this week, including homemade scrolls for morning tea and pizza from Marco’s for lunch on Tuesday. While I’d happily eat scrolls and pizza for the rest of my life, I am feeling a bit of guilt for not having anything more nutritious during the day.


The brighter news is that my assignments have been submitted for the semester, my weekends are much free-er and upping my basal rates by 20% have largely kept the blood sugars at bay. Superstore is keeping me pretty entertained right now (after years of working in retail, where has this show been all of my life?) The weather forecast for the weekend is looking pretty good, too.


So I guess, in a nutshell, this best describes how I’m coping right now.