糖尿病Christmas in July

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been reflecting on my own diabetes quite a lot of late. Now that the dust is starting to settle on my transition to an insulin pump, I feel like there are no more corners for me to turn if I cannot make this work for me. When I made the decision to get the insulin pump earlier this year, part of my brain convinced myself that this would be the answer to getting diabetes down pat. Now that the dust has settled, I feel like I have no more excuses not to be managing my diabetes to the best of my ability.

Don’t get me wrong, I am making some promising inroads with the pump. Yet I often find myself wondering what a future with diabetes holds in store for me.

I wonder if there will ever be a cure for diabetes. Technology is amazing. I hear of incredible research breakthroughs every week. I’ve seen pictures of an artificial pancreas that could be on the market well before the end of this decade recently. I shared some incredible T1D research involving skin cells only days ago on my Facebook pagehere。我观察由患有胰岛素泵和连续葡萄糖监测器的个体驱动的开放人工胰腺系统(APS)运动,并连续葡萄糖监测器彼此沟通。s8投注 雷竞技然而,我想知道该治疗或那种突破或那种技术,将以像我这样的普通乔来实现。



I fantasise about the doctor, the dietician, the diabetes educator, chef and personal trainer that I would hire specifically for me if I won the lotto. I fantasise about paying the exorbitant costs of getting the uber cool touch screen t-slim insulin pump to Australia just for me. I fantasise about the smartphone-integrated insulin pump or glucose meter that I would pay to have manufactured specifically for me.


As I watched Andy open a Christmas in July themed OzDOC chat on Tuesday with our “grown up” diabetes Christmas wish, I didn’t have to think about my answer at all. I wonder if I will ever feel a complete sense of having this condition under control.

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Pre-Bolussing, For the Win


这是我绝对热爱胰岛素泵一直依赖于我的原因之一。s8投注 雷竞技当我吃饭时,真的没有任何借口不能给予我的胰岛素。虽然这不是我转换为胰岛素泵的原因,但它确实为我提供了一种便利程度,即我根本没有注射。s8投注 雷竞技

在泵之前,我的日常胰岛素给药充满了糟糕的猜测,饭后常常让我过得太低或过高。上个月,我写了关于泵给我的方式an added focus on my carbohydrate counting,我很高兴地报告,今天我仍然努力地算上碳水化合物。

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve slipped into a really good morning routine that sees me pre-bolussing my breakfast insulin dose 15-30 minutes before I eat every day. Breakfast is probably the easiest meal to do this for, because my morning routine is almost identical each day. I usually deliver my insulin, sit and drink my coffee, go and get dressed and then come back and have my breakfast – usually a warm bowl of Oats or a slice of toast slathered with butter. Delaying the carbs until my insulin starts working usually helps to prevent my blood sugar from spiking too high after eating. I’ve been pleased with the results so far, and I’m hoping to make this a little more routine throughout the rest of the day.

Pre-bolussing also makes the prospect of higher GI foods such as whiter breads and pastries less daunting. They used to cause a lot of frustration in the aftermath, but nowadays I find that I am not so reluctant to treat myself if I wish to.